Wall Decals | Mini Polka Dots | Peach Only | SALE

Wall Decals | Mini Polka Dots | Peach Only | SALE

Brighten up any room with these amazing mini polka dot wall stickers. Made from quality vinyl specifically designed for interior walls. They look great in any kind of room. These are such a great way to change a room around with out the permanence of paint, they are fully removable.

Each pack contains 130 mini polka dots and each dot is approximately 1.5cm in diameter. 

100 Percent Heart decals are made from a specialist wall art product that we can rely on - this means they are designed to be used on indoor walls and has less tack than the average vinyl. 100 Percent Heart have done everything possible to ensure that the decals won't harm your walls, however as we don't now how every single wall has been created we can't place a guarantee on it. If you are worried about your walls then try sticking one on and leaving overnight, otherwise you can always use your decals on ceramic, glass or metal surfaces instead, the ideas are endless!

Here are a few tips to keep your decals looking tip top:

Keep your decals in a cool dry place if you aren't using them right away

Ensure the surface you're putting the decals on is clean and dry

It's best to wait at least four weeks after painting your walls

We suggest starting from the top of the sticker and gently rub down to avoid creases and if you're a pattern based person then plan it out in pencil before you start. 

Please note that the Gold Chrome decals have a high gloss, shiny finish that isn't captured in the imagery. 

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