Compendium of Classic Games

Compendium of Classic Games

This Utopia Compendium of Classic Games brings you many of the world's favourite games all in one place. The set will serve you through many rainy days and parties, and features everything from dominoes to marbles, jacks to pick-up-sticks. The best part is that is all store inside a wooden box, with a slide-out lid, so you can pop it in the cupboard when it's not in use, and unleash it next time you want to challenge your family to some healthy competition.

Now doesn’t that just sound swell?

Utopia Compendium of Classic Games features:
Recommended for children aged 8 years and older.
Designed in the UK.
Yo-yo made from wood and string.
Jacks pieces made from metal, painted with silver and gold paint.
Includes glass marbles, wooden sticks and cardboard playing cards.
Dominoes made from durable plastic and bouncing balls made from rubber.
Includes handy instruction booklet with rules of play.
Set is presented in a beautiful wooden compartmentalised box with a slide-out plastic lid.
Presented in a funky retro-style Ridley’s gift box which is made from recycled cardboard.

Set Includes:
7 x Dominoes.
28 x Marbles.
10 x Jacks.
25 x Pick-Up-Sticks.
Playing Cards.
2 x Bouncy Balls.
Storage Box - 24cm (l) x 16cm (w) x 4.5cm (h)

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