Native Rituals Fragrance | Mini 5ml

Native Rituals Fragrance | Mini 5ml

We have three amazing scents from Native Rituals:

One Desire | For Men | A powerful, masculine and oriental style fragrance that is perfect for everyday use. Its main notes are Kowhai and Tatara signifying the Maori settlement and the rough native terrain they encountered. 

One Destiny | Unisex | A light, very modern and distinguished eau de parfum inspired by the fresh sea, warm sun and the richness of the earth. Key notes of feijoa, citrus and Pohutukawa, this is a strong representative of the multicultural society of New Zealand today. 

One Dream | Unisex | A light fresh fragrance that is ideal for the summer. Its key notes are Frangipani and Ecklonia Radiata Seaweed evoking memories of our Polynesian island history. 

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