Hand + Body Soap | 500ml
Hand + Body Soap | 500ml
Hand + Body Soap | 500ml
Hand + Body Soap | 500ml

Hand + Body Soap | 500ml

The CaliWoods Hand and Body Soap - luxe on your countertops and ticking all the low-tox boxes

Natural ingredients and lovingly made. Comes in a kiln-fired amber glass bottle, to be refilled over and over. No peeling, plastic labels. 

1 x 500ml bottle of Hand and Body Soap


Why you will Love the Cali Hand and Body Soap:

  • LOW WASTE. Replace the single-use plastic liquid soap bottles that get thrown once they're used up. This luxurious zero-waste Hand and Body Soap comes in a 500ml amber glass bottle with a quality durable pump-action nozzle. Refill over and over
  • REFILLS we are planning for these to be packaged in a home compostable 1-litre capacity pouch with a return option available
  • Part of the DESIGNER-INSPIRED Cali Low-Waste cleaning range
  • MOISTURISING with the addition of Olive Oil and Coconut Oil
  • HANDCRAFTED in New Zealand using ethically-sourced, natural ingredients.
  • GENTLE. Leaves a soft and moisturised feel on your hands and body afterward. Doesn't dry out our skin. Perfect for sensitive skin and people with allergies
  • LOW-TOX. A simple ingredients list with no rough chemicals
  • COLLABORATION OVER COMPETITION. Following the rise of Covid-19, we are choosing to collaborate with other companies from Aotearoa to strengthen and support local brands. This Hand and Body Soap is created with the great team at Conscious based in Te Hana


Apply soap generously onto wet hands then lather for 20 seconds, rinse and dry well. If irritation occurs, cease use. 


Virgin Olive Oil, Pacific Coconut Oil, Demineralised Water, Potassium Hydroxide as Lye (none remains), Sodium Tetraborate (Thickener), Pure Essential Oils

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