Blue Frog Breakfast | Zesty Orange Syrup | 200ml

Blue Frog Breakfast | Zesty Orange Syrup | 200ml

There is good reason why our Zesty Orange Syrup won the Artisan Food Producer Award at the 2016 NZ Food Awards. It is simply bursting with intense, clean flavours.

The purest and most intense mouth puckering orange flavour comes from our hand selected oranges, which are then hand zested, hand juiced and then combined with pure cold pressed orange oil. The result is a wonderful sensory overload of colour, aroma and taste which is outrageously scrummy and adds to a generous dose of joie de vivre to any morning! An essential addition to your kitchen fridge credentials.


Eat Me!

Drizzle this on top of vanilla yoghurt on any of our Blue Frog Cereals.

Drizzle liberally over buckwheat pancakes, French toast, homemade crumpets or your favourite citrus cake.

Drizzle on salmon or chicken then bake. Serve with Fresh Arugula Salad and Roasted Kumara.

Mix with soda and a handful of fresh mint leaves to make a refreshing drink

Mix with Vodka and mint and serve with ice and soda.

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