Burgers Bagels + Hotdogs | Valery Drouet

Burgers Bagels + Hotdogs | Valery Drouet

Irresistibly tempting, burgers may sometimes be perceived as the all too common fast-food-takeaway meal, with its simple principle: a cut bun with meat and some more ingredients inside. Yet a great burger is more than the sum of its parts and it can easily transform into a gourmet treat. Burgers lend themselves to an endless variety of combination of ingredients, be they vegetables, cheese, dressing or meat. This book offers more than 50 recipes for burgers, bagels and hot dogs from the classic Cheeseburger to the deliciously spicy Thai burger with shrimps, the bagel with oil-marinated sardines and some sweet treats. SELLING POINTS: Easy yet sophisticated food: burgers taste good! Combines classic recipes with original variations Tips about ideal side dishes and dips A book about burgers, bagels and hot dogs by a French chef 75+ colour photographs

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