Street Food | Mouth Watering Recipes From Around The World

Street Food | Mouth Watering Recipes From Around The World

Long gone are the days of having to visit top-notch restaurants in order to try the best food a country has to offer. With the soaring popularity of street food - ready-to-eat and portable, finger-licking dishes - you can stroll through bustling market stalls anywhere in the world and choose from a vast array of foodie vendors that tempt you with their appetising aromas and first-rate flavours, all showcasing a country's most-loved dishes. Head to the streets of Mexico for a buttery corn-on-the-cob or a tasty taco, to Spain for paella and chocolaty churros or walk around the block in the US to grab a lunch-time bagel. The options are varied, vibrant and inviting for everyone.

As you delve into the recipes in this book, you and your kitchen will be transported to taste deliciously different street foods and, with each chapter - from An Asian Adventure to European Cuisine - you'll discover how to create the exquisite yet everyday dishes that each culture does best.

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