Saffron Swirls + Cardomom Dust | Ashia Ismail-Singer SAMPLE

Saffron Swirls + Cardomom Dust | Ashia Ismail-Singer SAMPLE


Author of My Indian Kitchen, Ashia Ismail-Singer is back with a collection of spice-infused desserts and baking, delivering homemade delights for all to share. With her characteristic creative flair and drawing inspiration from culinary traditions across the world, Ashia’s recipes are impossible to resist and guaranteed to impress.
Dishing up sweet treats that zing with cardamon and permeate the air with orange blossom, this divine cookbook is guaranteed to take your baking to that next level with the greatest of ease. Western classics are reinvented with a spicy twist and sit alongside Ashia’s unique takes on Eastern staples such as baklava, lassi and halva.
There are elaborate treats to perfect your dinner party and show-stopping celebration cakes to make those special occasions even more memorable. Try the chai masala ice pops for a refreshing take on summer, or the pistachio and almond cake for a mid-winter indulgence. According to Ashia, we all need a little sweetness sprinkled with a touch of spice. It’s the perfect flavour balance.

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