Coastal Lights | Soy Candle | Lotus Flower

Coastal Lights | Soy Candle | Lotus Flower


A heavenly and delicate blend of White Lotus Flower with the more spicy aromas of vanilla and patchouli to create a warming glow that calms your heart and takes your mind on a trip down memory lane.

In Eastern cultures, the Lotus Flower is associated with renewal and purity, closing at night and re-emerging from the water with the sunrise.

All Coastal Lights Soy Candles are hand poured in small batches, from carefully sourced ingredients. Attention to detail in all aspects of fragrance selection and blends, sourcing interesting and unique glassware with a sideline of bespoke candles in up-cycled vessels. Every aspect of every candle from preparation to pour, labelling to finished product is done so with passion to deliver the very best quality experience possible in sharing our candles with you.

Whether to create a warm and cosy atmosphere, light up a summer evening or to draw peace and tranquillity to our busy lives, Coastal Lights Candles will throw light and life grounding us to the moment with fragrant scents and a soft glow.

“Ignite your senses and find joy in the moment”.

Coastal Lights Candles are hand crafted using all natural soy wax, cotton wicks and fine fragrance oils.

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